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JUDGMENT DAY    Trump would prefer softer tone as president but has 'no choice'...    Wants to unite country 'eventually'...    FOXNEWS, NBC Pull Controversial Ad on Caravan...    SCHIFF: If Dems Flip House, Renewing Russia Probe Top Priority...    Mueller To Pick Up Pace...    Roger Stone Attorney Testifies To Grand Jury...    MSNBC Joy Reid at Center of Free-Speech Legal Fight Over Retweets...    POLL: ONLY HALF OF AMERICANS HAVE FAITH IN DEMOCRACY...    Border Patrol cancels Election Day 'exercise'...    FEDS: 1,100 Migrants Apprehended Daily Along U.S.-Mexico Border...    Man sits in feces on DELTA flight...    New discovery throws light on mystery of pyramids' construction...    Ramp contraption?    China unveils new 'Heavenly Palace' space station as ISS days numbered...    Berners-Lee launches 'Magna Carta for web' to save internet...    New 'contract'...    Measles outbreaks on rise...    Concern over child-like sex dolls...    Booming business of background music...    Divine intervention? Bullet grazes teen kneeling down to pray...    Fisherman pulls baby from sea alive in 'freakish miracle'...    Judge blocks controversial plan to sterilize wild horses in Oregon...    Fight at Miss Bumbum contest over fake butt accusation...    Election Day to test resistance...    SILVER: 88% DEMS TAKE HOUSE...    19% SENATE...    Americans asking GOOGLE who to vote for...    PELOSI: We're Ready to 'Throw a Punch'...    ICE says it won't be stationed at polling places looking for illegals...    Election systems face major test...    'ABSOLUTE ZOO': Voting Chaos at Polling Booths...    'Mosh Pit' Crowds...    Missing Machines in Detroit...    FACEBOOK blocks 115 accounts...    MSNBC Airs Results Of Florida Gov Election In Test 'Misfire'...    Next Congress will be younger, more female and more diverse...    For trans candidate, fight on many levels in Vermont...    SHOWDOWN: O'Rourke Vs. Cruz; Texas' direction at stake...    Fractious AZ Senate race heads into final hours...    Florida races could be decided by Puerto Rican voters...    NASA spacecraft makes 1st close approach to sun...    Russia reports computer bug on International Space Station...    Photos reveal how cross-dressing Nazis loved to wear women's clothes...    Ex-SS concentration camp guard goes on trial in Germany...    200 mass graves of thousands of ISIS victims found...    UBER driver let teen car surf for $40, resulting in death...    Robot car injures motorcyclist -- but human driver at fault?    NYC Cars to Talk to One Another...    Patient dies 'after robot surgery error'...    EXODUS: California lost more residents to other states than got last year...    'Thank you for your service, buddy': Police dog who helped nab more than 200 suspects dies...    Meet Japan's 'Ninja Boy', the prodigy who aims to stun Mayweather...    LIST: Fattest States In USA...    VIDEO: LIMBAUGH RALLIES FOR TRUMP IN CAPE GIRARDEAU...    FOXNEWS hosts on stage for president...    Republicans brace for wipeout in gov races...    38.4 MILLION ALREADY VOTED...    Surprise outcome could roil stocks...    Woman, 82, Dies Days After Casting First-Ever Ballot...    NASA conducting 'quiet sonic boom' tests...    Hiding face? 'Gait recognition' IDs by walk...    Supercomputer mimics human brain...    Peak smartphone?    Poop in hand, Bill Gates backs toilet revolution...    USA prepares to fight China...    SHOCK: Inmate ripped out own eye and ATE it after guards ignored screams...    2 California death row inmates found dead; suicide suspected...    Prisoners ask for execution by firing squad...    Super-rare albino raccoon spotted in backyard...    'It's okay to be white' flyers posted at another university...    Abnormal skeletons in early humans -- caused by frequent inbreeding?    CBD-infused products being sold everywhere in California -- but are they legal?

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Welcome To The  Edwards Notebook

Welcome to Ron Edwards will rebuild the Seven Pillars of Society. Ron Edwards is the host and founder of the award winning radio commentary, The Edwards’ Notebook. It brings to light and provides solutions for the concerns we all share in a thought provoking manner. The Edwards’ Notebook is heard in over 56 different markets by 3- 4 million listeners daily. Weekends over 135 markets.

Ron Edwards is going to bridge the gap of foolish thinking to the reality of a sound minded morally driven society. The truth is we must rebuild the core bases that create a civilized society. The Seven Pillars of Society reestablished with the partners of The Edwards Notebook. Family, Providential Guidance, Business, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Media, Government.

Listen to a 2 day interview with Ron Edwards on CPR Media, Constitutional Patriot Radio Network. April 29 and 30th


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