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BUZZBLEED!    MUELLER REBUKES STORY...    First time comments on news of probe...    Latest Example Of Bad Russia Reporting...    Fuels doubts about press...    Montage: Media Calling for Impeachment...    CNN, MSNBC Say Nearly 200 Times...    TRUMP SHUTDOWN OFFER    'DREAMERS' FOR WALL CASH?    DEMS SIGNAL WILL REJECT    Humans to download souls onto microchips so can 'live forever'...    Michael Cohen black eye, arm in sling...    Hospital ID band?    At Least 66 Killed, 85 Missing In Mexico Pipeline Blast...    Horrifying Fireball After Illegal Tap...    President vows fuel theft crackdown...    Is Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across USA?    Drug maker payments to doctors linked to higher overdose deaths...    Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email...    GOOGLE faces new protests over China search project...    Russia Satellite Network to Watch 'Any Process on Earth'...    Next Trump-Kim Summit Set for February...    The Pences: Defenders of Christian values in White House...    CNN King questions taxpayers funding Second Lady's security while teaching...    March for Life 2019: Abortion 'greatest injustice in nation'...    FACEBOOK Refuses 'ROE V. WADE' Film Ads...    Standup comedy doomed?    Oscars: the show must go on... without a host...    American Railways Chug Toward Automation...    World's first floating IMAX installed on NFL owner's superyacht...    Gunmen kill two Buddhist monks in Thailand's troubled south...    Shouting, near fisticuffs, emotions high: Today's DC could get worse...    Consumer sentiment plunges to its lowest level since 2016 election...    Suspicious deposits made to account of Brazil president's son: report...    Green card holder voted illegally 3 times in North Carolina. The judge scolds election officials...    Anxiety in Alaska as endless aftershocks rattle residents...    Dowdy no more: Men in suits storm back into style...    777X: Gigantic plane that could change flying forever...    US regulators mull record FACEBOOK fine...    The Bezos Fortune...    AMAZON makes vest to keep robots from pummeling human workers...    Largest ever great white shark spotted in Hawaii...    Hitman's GPS Watch Links Him to Mob Boss Murder...    Tourists rarely jailed for breaking Miami Beach laws. Not so for homeless...    Boris Johnson rips into Theresa May as he kick-starts PM bid...    Brexit stalemate drags on...    Same old elite? Macron's 'revolution' fails with fed up French...    Families, Celebs Want New Probe of JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X Assassinations...    NSA Puts Phone Charging Station at Hacker Conf As 'Joke'...    Quadriplegic fulfills lifelong dream of making porn...    Women's March Protesters Call For Trump to 'Drop Dead,' His Children Caged...    Laura Loomer Storms Stage in DC...    REPORT: Gavin Newsom Running Ads in Swing States...    Dem nominee might be someone never heard of!    STARBUCKS Schultz Explores Bid As Independent ...    Trump staffing up to fend off potential primary challenge...    America: The new Socialist frontier...    Who is Ed Buck? Erratic life of Dem donor in whose home two dead men found...    Total lunar eclipse meets supermoon Sunday night...    ARCTIC BLAST SET FOR EAST COAST...    Roads melt, animals drop dead; Australia suffers 80 year heatwave...    Are Ten Plagues Reappearing Today?    'Biblical' sandstorm turns Cairo orange...    Houston mayoral candidate brings wheelbarrows of manure to meeting with press...    New texting scam starts with lewd photo...    MIRACLE: Rudolph the puppy 'euthanized but lived'...    'World's Cutest Dog' dies of 'broken heart'...    Animal shelters becoming inundated with 'mini pigs'...    Products made of threatened African wildlife sold at U.S. expo...    Scientists ID another possible threat to orcas: pink salmon...    FDA threatens to pull e-cigs off market, citing possible 'existential threat'...    Glowing space billboards to show ads in night sky?    Remains of ancient life discovered beneath Antarctic lake ice...    Human family tree gains new member as scientists confirm 'missing link' ...    How real is Clint Eastwood's 'THE MULE'? Prosecutor speaks...

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Welcome To The  Edwards Notebook

Welcome to Ron Edwards will rebuild the Seven Pillars of Society. Ron Edwards is the host and founder of the award winning radio commentary, The Edwards’ Notebook. It brings to light and provides solutions for the concerns we all share in a thought provoking manner. The Edwards’ Notebook is heard in over 56 different markets by 3- 4 million listeners daily. Weekends over 135 markets.

Ron Edwards is going to bridge the gap of foolish thinking to the reality of a sound minded morally driven society. The truth is we must rebuild the core bases that create a civilized society. The Seven Pillars of Society reestablished with the partners of The Edwards Notebook. Family, Providential Guidance, Business, Arts and Entertainment, Education, Media, Government.

Listen to a 2 day interview with Ron Edwards on CPR Media, Constitutional Patriot Radio Network. April 29 and 30th


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